Monte Pelmo- Amsterdam

Please do not do the following stunt at home. It should be said that we did all these ice creams in one day, and let me just tell you that that was a BAD idea. And that’s even after a full meal.

Monte Pelmo is number one on the list, so thankfully, we stopped after that (for Amsterdam, at least). It’s a very busy shop, especially on a hot day. It’s on an alley with other small restaurants, and the poor employee there must have to work doubletime with all the people inside!

Also rarely served in the US, passionfruit has always been one of my favorite flavors, with a unique summery glow foodies crave. Tart, sour, sweet, and refreshing all at the same time, I got in in a cone (with another cone on top because that’s what foodies DO!).

Ahhhhhh…. ice cream makes for such beautiful foodie pictures. I definitely have a love affair with ice cream.



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