Banketbakkerjj Van der Linde- Amsterdam

This small shop is considered one of the top 10 ice creams in all of Amsterdam. It’s been around for quite a long time, so long that it only serves one flavor of ice cream– what I like to call whipped ice cream. There’s a line out the door, and this small, cramped space is filled to the brim with customers wanting a taste of their delicious one flavor ice cream.

It does indeed merit the description “whipped ice cream”, with it’s creamy, pure texture and airy and lightly sweet taste. I got a single scoop, in a cone.

I loved it so much the first time, that I decided to come again a second day! Sadly, we came too late: the shop was closed. It’s alright though; there’s always tomorrow! Personally, I’m planning on hitting all of Amsterdam’s top 10 ice cream places myself. <3 Happy eating! -Anya

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