Fergburger – Queenstown, NZ

For foodies, Fergburger is a must-eat destination in Queenstown, New Zealand.  It features 20+ different kinds of burgers and always has a long queue that extends around the block.  We stayed in Queenstown for one night before our Milford Sound Track and one night after.  For both those nights, we endeavored to sample as many different types of Fergburgers as possible.  Often, this meant waiting in line for 20 minutes to place our order, then waiting an additional 20 minutes for the actual burgers, and finally eating the burgers back in our hotel room because there were no tables available at Fergburger.. . .(drumroll) . . .With that introduction and without further ado, this is Fergburger. . .

During the extensive wait Mommy enjoyed a delicious crushed apple cider (What! How come we didn’t get any!!!!!) as we perused the menu.

Here is a picture of the apple cider and the menu:

fergburger mommy drink

fergburger menu


In case that you can”t see the menu, which you probably can’t, here is a link: http://www.fergburger.com/menu.html

Fergburger burgers are ginormous so we had 6 burgers combined in all the trips. That basically equals 6 burgers for 8 people; that’s about right as I would recommend 3 burgers for 4 people. The burgers we had included the Southern Swine, the Chief Wiggum, the Bun Laden, the Bombay Chicken,  the Codfather, and of course, the classic Fergburger with cheese.

The Southern Swine is a delectable burger with Prime New Zealand beef, American streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, and for the sauces aioli & tomato relish. It is more old-fashioned and traditional.

The Chief Wiggum is overall our least favorite and consists of abundant amounts of slow roasted New Zealand pork belly. The dressings are their famous aioli and apricot seeded mustard.

The Bun Laden, one of our favorites, includes falafel patties, lemon yogurt, chipotle chile sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, tomato relish, and Ferg’s tarragon mayonnaise.

Although we all dislike chicken, the Bombay Chicken was surprisingly good (partly-ok, mostly-because of the word of the BOMBAY). It contains grilled chicken tenderloins marinated in a chili, ginger, coriander yoghurt, cucumber raita, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli, and tomato relish.

The classic Fergburger with cheddar was delicious – and a fantastic baseline to compare the other burgers in the world.  Nonetheless, we suggest getting one of the other more unusual burgers.

That first visit was so delicious that we returned on our last day (our New Year’s Eve dinner), ate them in our hotel, and had a good night’s rest.

Overall, Fegburger is one of the most delicious burgers we’ve ever had, and we rate it:




5 smiley faces!

(and we’re not being generous)

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂