Mochi Cream

We’ve been meaning to write about these delicacies for a long time. We discovered them over the Christmas holidays and absolutely love them.

So what is mochi cream? Well, as many of you already know, mochi is a Japanese dessert with a rice flour outer layer and usually filled with red bean. While we love the outer layer, none of us are fans of red bean.

Well, mochi cream solves all of our problems. There are about 20-30 different dessert flavors filled with pudding, cream, chocolate, or jellies.

After extensive research (this means that we tried nearly all of the flavors), we narrowed our favorite flavors to two: caramel pudding and raspberry millefeuille. Anya likes the caramel marginally better and Karsen likes the raspberry more.

Unfortunately, these lovely desserts are not available where we live. In fact, we’ve only had them in Los Angeles. Luckily for us, popo and kung kung (from LA) came to visit us in March. They brought us 2 dozen – 1 dozen of each of our favorite flavors.

Here’s a picture of the box:

Here are pictures of the caramel pudding. We’ve taken pictures of the cross-section after biting into them also. IT IS MELT IN YOUR MOUTH!!! The caramel pudding tastes a bit like flan with the lovely texture of mochi rice flour.

Here are pictures of the raspberry millefeuille. Again, there are multiple pictures.

The raspberry millefeuille had a very crunchy texture and that is why papa and Karsen like that best. A millefeuille, or Napoleon,is a french puff pastry that is usually crunchy. It means a thousand sheets, but it usually consists of alternating 2 layers with cream or jam.

The two flavors are very different but we like them both. The caramel pudding was smoother and has a melt in your mouth quality. The raspberry millefeuille is like a party in your mouth.

Overall we give these two desserts (5 happy faces out of 5):
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Give it a try – here’s the website (it’s all in Japanese)

Mile End in Brooklyn – New York

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve posted.  Schoolwork and other extracurricular activities have gotten in the way of our blog postings!  For those of you who have been worried that we are starving, NEVER FEAR!  We are still eating!!

Today, Karsen travelled to Brooklyn, NYC where Ms. JBJ and Eric jojo live.  They were busy working but gave us a great suggestion for a quick snack when we arrived.  At Eric jojo’s recommenation (remember, he’s the one who recommended Tommy’s which we hated), we headed to a place called Mile End.  This is the website:

Keep in mind, we hadn’t really eaten all day and this would be our first real meal. It was nearly 4pm and Mile End closes between 4 and 5:30pm.  Luckily, we checked out the menu ahead of time and called to order their Smoked Meat Poutine.  The walk was much further than we had anticipated but we eventually got there a little after 4pm.  A nice man, named Ari, had our poutine waiting – even though we were 5 minutes late!  This is a picture of Ari and Karsen:

We ate it immediately, sitting outside on their seats.  We were starving and a little worried that the poutine might be soggy.  We were pleasantly surprised.  They had packed the gravy separately.  Here is a picture of the food:

And then, we poured the gravy:

And here is a picture of Karsen enjoying his poutine:

The poutine was absolutely delicious.  We were debating which taste we liked best:  the fries, the cheese, the gravy, or the smoked meat.  We decided it was the combination of all of the flavors.  So we tried to have all of the four major ingredients with every large bite.  The gravy was so buttery and delicious.  Ari told us that it was made with mushrooms – no meat!  The beef brisket was perfectly smoked and the cheese were chunks of cheese curds – just the way the Canadiens have their poutine. This place is the perfect fusion of Canadian poutine and Jewish deli! The result is AMAZING!!!

We are not sure if it was because we were starving, but the poutine really hit the spot.  We suspect that it is TRULY delicious though because several passersby commented on how good our food smelled!  Arie was even nice enough to give us two cookies –  a coconut macaroon and an almond cookie!

Since Anya was not here for this event, this smiley face rating (out of five possible) is based on Karsen’s evaluations alone:

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀